Our Local Businesses

Shop Local First

Recently, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and when it came to what we needed, we went local. Pictured above are some of the fun things we captured with the local business owners. We pride ourselves in being a local business that supports small businesses locally first and for most.

Get To Know Your People

Many of the people pictured not only live and work here, but even grew up here. Poynette is a place with roots and a place where the heart definitely grows fonder. We love getting to know the people who make up our town and work here! Even the police came down for a fun visit with the locals and for some yummy food!

Love Your Community

Not only do we love the businesses, but we love the people who own then and the people who visit. Here in Poynette everyone is happy to be involved. From school events, to even hosting food drives throughout town. Not only is the community we are based out of great, but it's generous too. We strive to not only make people happy, but comfortable too. Business here in Poynette isn't just about business. It's also about the people.

Our Involvement In The Community


High School Mural

One of our favorite features of our office is the mural painted by the local Poynette High School. We donated the side of our building for a fun summer project for the kids! Come by and have a look!


Crush Softball

Every year we sponsor our local summer softball team, Crush! We love supporting the local sports and being involved in our community activities.


Arlington Parade

One of our teams favorite activities is the local Arlington Parade! Every year we hand out our Rock Solid tote bags. Make sure to join the parade to get one!