A Message From Our Team

Important A/C Factors Come Summer Time

Watch as Rock explains the purpose of High/ Low returns, cotton woods blowing around and it's effect on your A/C, and the pros and cons of setting back your thermostat.

Rock Describes The Importance Of A Clean Air Conditioner

Watch as Rock demonstrates what a clean and well maintained air conditioner vs a dirty un-kept A/C does for you and your wallet. 

Rock Explains Gas Piping Tags

Listen as Rock explains why you may be getting tagged by your local gas company and how we can fix it!

Troy From Lennox Demonstartes Air Flow

 Troy demonstrates the difference between filters and air flow they provide. 

Icing on Your Gas Vents

Rock describes the effects of typical weather conditions in Wisconsin and it's effect on your gas appliances. 

Extreme Cold Weather Venting Issues

Rock describes the effect of bad venting in extreme cold like we have now.

Smoke Filtration

Troy from Lennox shows the quality of the MERV 16 Media Filter and UV Lamp against heavy smoke!